This is the future site of a web site dedicated to the photography of Don Vincent (1932-1993).

Don Vincent was a notable London, Ontario photographer who documented the art, literary and music scene as well as portriats and his own artistic work.

Vincent's photographic archive is held at the McIntosh Gallery at Western University.

Several of his photographs of notable London artists, musicians and literary figures are in the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
These images include portraits of:

  • Jack Chambers, artist
  • Greg Curnoe, artist
  • Murray Favro, artist
  • Jamilie Hassan, artist
  • Robert McKaskel, currator
  • Roy MacDonald, writer
  • The Nihilist Spasm Band, band
  • Geoffrey and Goldie Rans
  • Albert Templer, artist
  • Tony Urquhart, aritst
  • Bernice Vincent, artist
  • Hall Walters, musician

Also in the AGO collection are many photographs depicting life in and around London in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

You can also listen to a discussion between Don Vincent and Greg Curnoe here:
Don Vincent & Greg Curnoe audio recording 1968

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